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I've always had a love for cooking.  My mom is my inspiration.  She cooked and baked from scratch without hesitation.  She'd read all kinds of cookbooks and cooking magazines then put her own twist on every recipe she clipped.  Some of the recipes she's saved are so old that the papers color is now beige instead of white.  I'd tell you my age if I told you how long she's had some of them but I'll say this, my mom is now 90 years old!  She's always been the cake connoisseur in our family.  You could never ask her how she made a certain cake because she'd say "just put a little bit of this and a little of that..."  But yours would never turn out to be the same as hers!  Her specialties were all of our favorites ~ Moist Sour Cream Pound Cake, Delicious and always freshly made Carrot Cake, Daddy's Coconut Cake, Fresh Strawberry Cake, Thick and creamy Sweet Potato Pie, Perfectly Made Pecan Pie...  Anything she ever made in her kitchens always had her special twist on it!

I loved to watch how my mom maneuvered in the kitchen and how it made people feel when they ate anything she prepared.  This made me want to follow in her footsteps.  She always made cooking seem so easy.  Baking is another story...  It would take her a half day to make those very special cakes like the carrot and strawberry cakes, and the pecan pies... That saying "patience is a virtue" is very true!  And she definitely had patience with her baking, you could taste it in every bite!

H & P Delights (Harris & Postell Delights) is a combination of my husband and I's expertise in the kitchen and on the grill.  My husband is affectionately known as the "Grill Master" in our home.  He not only builds grills but he is the Grill Connoisseur when it comes to grilling anything!  Meats, veggies and even fruit... Ham, Turkey, Chicken, Turkey Wings, all falling off the bone and juicy, makes you want to lick your fingers.  

We want to share the home-cooking we learned from our mother's with you and your families.  We know it is a chore to be in the kitchen preparing and cooking a delicious meal all day then try to sit down afterwards and enjoy it with your loved ones.  Give us a call so we can take that burden off of you then you can relax and enjoy your meal knowing it was prepared with love just as you would yourself!

It all began one day in Elease's kitchen (my mom)....
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